Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Drywall deployed

Well, it looks like the construction bit is nearing the end and we're heading into the finishing bit! The drywall is in! The drywall is in!

The powder room is very powdery.

The front door project (replacing ugly double doors with nice single door, moving doorway out 3', adding gable roof) looks to be about done. The last bit was the concrete step, which they poured on Friday.

We've selected the colours too. The main colour is called Water Cracker, which is a soft, chalky beige. The trim is Simply White, a, um, fairly simple white. The powder room is a deep chocolate taupe called Estate, and the front door will be Galaxy, a rich aubergine which I think will look nice against all the beige that is the front of my house.

The gardening is coming along too. I have put solar lights (thanks, Rose!) to mark the preferred lie that the dogs should strive to take upon exiting onto the yard. Lou's chosen path is in red, Wick's in blue (good girl!) and Rex's in yellow. Le sigh. The boys like to kick out, while Wick is a straight-up-the-middle kind of girl.

One of my favourite rituals is the too-early-planting of the tomato plants. Introducing the doomed-to-die class of 2010!

Us city folks is too dumb to realize that we is planting our tomatoes upside-down.

The strawberries are almost ready for the crows to eat them.

And the mint is segregated in its own container (thanks, Lisa, for the tip!). Hopefully this will cut down on mojito costs this summer.

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