Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Roughing It

Well, the electrical and plumbing has been roughed-in, the drywall is done, and I think (hope!) that the fun stuff, like heated floors, tiles, and pretty lights, will start showing up.

Oh, and did I mention the custom closets???  Yes, they will be all white and pretty, but loaded with function.  Here is the sweater/shoe closet.  And yes, I have mad drafting skills.

On the other side of the bathroom entrance is where the hanging stuff goes.  The top rack of the two-level hanger system has a pull-down so that I can access that stuff (I'm not that tall).

Under the window is a built-in dresser.  It's huge!

The entrance to the bathroom will have some sort of pretty pendant to light the way. 

It's kinda hard to envision a pretty shower, given its cluttered state but ... once the tile and stuff goes in (and all the tools leave!) this will be a nice shower.  Frameless glass, big rainhead shower fixture hanging from the ceiling ... good thing I got a new hot water heater - I think I will be spending a lot of time in the shower.

And if I don't use all the hot water showering, then maybe I'll use it up filling my tub.  It will be positioned under the window, and there will even be a chandelier over the tub.

And I figured while they were working in the bathroom, they might as well install a skylight.  I love Holly's skylight in her bathroom, so I knew I had to have one when I did a reno.

And skylights can leak ... unless you install it in conjunction with a new roof.  The older roof was kind of brown, with plenty of moss for accent.  I like how the black roof looks.

During the last reno, a dormer was added to the front to give it some character.  However, it looked kinda weird, like it was suspended.

So they added some pillars in matching brick to anchor the whole thing. 

And just because they're pretty ... my tulips are out!

I hope that I will have prettier pics to share in the next week or so.  There's a lot of bling-y stuff in my garage right now.  It will look even nicer when it's installed.  :-)

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  1. It looks like you had some serious reno on the house. How is it? I bet it looks fabulous and polished since you got all the parts and plans covered. Is your skylight still leaking? My advice is to check the roofing and flashings to know where the leak is coming from, and fix it at once. A leaking skylight can cause some serious damage on your roof structure if left unattended. [Joanne Barragan]