Friday, February 26, 2010

A Side View

More progress today.  The siding has been removed in anticipation of the door and window installation.

The carpenters also built a gate at the side of the fence, and sadly, it's the sturdiest part of the whole fence.  (KO makes note to add "build new fence" to ever-growing list o' things to do).

Again using my excellent drafting skills, here is a near-professional quality rendering of what the 'after' is going to look like.  The patio will be interlocking pavers, and both sets of doors will open outwards onto said paver patio.  Will run gas lines for BBQ and heaters.  Do not know why as I loathe being outside.

Here's a view from the far corner of my yard.  All 105 cedar hedges have survived our brutal winter very nicely.

The bamboo that was removed in December has not come back ... yet.

I hope to put a veggie garden in this corner.  I envision raised beds, with tomatoes, beans, and other healthy things that I do not eat.

Hopefully, the installation of the patio doors will happen early next week.  The dogs are taking it very well.  I suspect the banging occasionally wakes Lou up from his nap, but he is quick to fall back asleep.  Wick of course LOVES the commotion (NOT).  Rex is just happy if someone talks to him.

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