Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's finally starting!

Well, it seems like forever, but my reno is finally getting started. Hopefully in a few months, we will have accomplished the following:
  • New flooring on the main level
  • Expanded kitchen with new cabinets, appliances, and fixtures
  • Three sets of french doors installed
  • Replaced hideous double-door front door monstrosity with single, nice door
  • Move front door 3 feet out to allow more room in foyer
  • New powder room with pedestal sink and not hideous lighting
  • Patio
  • LAWN!!! and in-ground sprinklers
  • Dog shower installed in garage
Yesterday, this arrived in my driveway! I'm sure my neighbours think I am totally awesome! Photobucket

Then today, the carpenters arrived. It appears that the first thing we're going to knock off is the installation of the french doors. Right now, there is no view whatsoever of my yard from the main floor of the house. That's gonna change! When I wandered downstairs at 9:30 this morning, here's what I saw: Photobucket

 Using my excellent drafting skills, this is what the front room will look like once the doors and windows are installed.

The ceiling in this room is very high, so hopefully I'll be getting a lot of light, even though it's north facing. The little half wall between this room and what is currently the dining room will be knocked down and will be part of my kitchen.

The french doors will go where the pop-out is. Photobucket

There's a sliding door thing at the back that will be replaced with french doors. Once that's done, they will start the demo, and I will be forced to flee to my brothers for a few weeks. Hopefully it won't be uninhabitable for too long ... yeah right!

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