Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Counter Contentment

The counters are here in all their steely-grey granite glory!

It took almost three slabs of granite for my somewhat oversized kitchen.

There is no shortage of workspace ... or storage.

I think that I can use this little bump-out as a small breakfast bar.

The installation took the better part of a day, and not the least of which because a certain dog convinced the installation guys to play ball with her every frickin' half hour!

If you don't throw the ball, I will haunt your dreams and suck your will to live.

Despite the yucky rainy weather of the last few days, the garden continues to plug along. The strawberries haven't been eaten by the birds yet.

The mint is, as predicted, plotting to take over the world. I think a few pitchers of mojitos should quell its world-domination urges.

I've never attempted to grow potatoes before, but when Susan offered me some seed potatoes, how could I say no?

The cabbage and spinach are plugging along.

The mesclun mix is pretty much ready to pick.

Another week or two and I should have enough Swiss Chard to, um, make something. In the meantime, isn't it pretty?

The shelling peas are taking their time.

Tomorrow, the kitchen faucet, garburator, range hood and dishwasher will be installed, which leaves only the backsplash and some odds and sods on the to-do list. 5 months and an undisclosed amount of money later, my ugly little house is looking pretty slick!

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