Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A DIY day

As inspirational as I find all those DIY shows, I also am huge on instant gratification. But every now and again, I get an urge to build something. And that something generally is from IKEA, which is designed for faux-renovators such as myself.

Today's project: a patio set.

First, size up the job. I can't believe I got that thing into my van!

Commence mise en place. For the purposes of furniture assembly, mise is putting things that look kinda alike together.

First up - the table. Breathtakingly simple, cause it's only six pieces. Win!

And now that I have a table, I can use it for more building. Here's the two-seater bench. That took a little longer, in large part because I made a mistake on step 1 and didn't realize it til step 14.

And the two chairs were a snap. So here's the set!

And just because everything's cuter with collies.

The reason I went to IKEA in the first place is because I had to exchange a too-big microwave for a just-right one at Midland Appliances and they're a tantalizing 2 blocks from IKEA.

In other news, the plumber installed the toilet in the powder room. If a toilet can be cute, this one is kinda cute.

Another cheeky light fixture, this time in the powder room.

And a whimsical pair of sconces will flank the sink.

Tomorrow, the plumber will (hopefully) finish the pedestal sink and maybe hook up the dishwasher and the water line to the fridge. I don't have a firm ETA on the rest, but my first houseguest is coming tomorrow. Nicki, we have booze, ice, and a microwave. I think we can make this work!

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