Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Reveal, Part 1

It has been brought to my attention that I never showed the "after" shots of my renovation.  Epic fail!  I've been more or less done with the reno for about a month now, and I love my house so much!  That the weather here has been spectacular hasn't hurt my romance with my house either.

So without further delay, here is The Reveal.

Exterior Front
BEFORE:  Back in October, one could say the house lacked curb appeal.

AFTER:  A new front door, a new gable, and some landscaping gives the house a nicer look.  Plus, the door is the same colour as the door at my old condo - win!

BEFORE:  The tragedy that was dirty pink carpet and possibly the slipperiest tiles known to man.

AFTER:  A new bit of carpet, and the same hardwood flooring throughout the main floor.

Powder Room
BEFORE:  Located under the stairs, this room made me really claustrophobic.  

AFTER:  The ceiling was raised, and new pretty plumbing and lighting, plus a lovely coat of paint, make this a very pretty powder room now.

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