Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Reveal, Part 2


BEFORE:  It was a standard 10x10 kitchen that was built in 1993 and changed not a jot since then.

AFTER:  What can I say - it's my dream kitchen.  Tons of cabinets, new appliances, lots of lighting.... oh, and the popcorn ceiling is gone!

I am insanely in love with my fridge.

The backsplash is a large subway tile with a texture sort of like bamboo.  I think it goes nicely with the dark granite counter tops.

The counter top kicks out to make a little breakfast bar (and an excellent place for kneading dough and other large-scale pastry activities).

In easy reach is my collection of cook books.

BEFORE:  I actually used this area as the living room when I first moved in.  

AFTER: A new chandelier, and replacing the sliding door with french doors, and now it's a sparkly place to eat.

I use this bank of cabinets as sort of a sideboard right now.

The cabinet makers were very good at maximizing space.  There are lots of clever little shelves and such built into the cabinets.

Living Room
BEFORE:  The front room and the dining room in the original layout had no windows facing the yard, save for the pokey little sidelights in the dining room area.

This did not exactly let the light pour in.

AFTER:  Well, I can't throw stones now, because I live in a big ol' glass house!

The two sets of french doors, plus the enormous windows that mimic the roof line, make this a very happy place to be.

Whereas before the vaulted ceiling made this room a depressing cave, now it makes it ten kinds of awesome!

Three border collies + a white leather sectional.  I'll let you know how that goes.

BEFORE:  Ah yes, the reason I bought this place.  The yard was a little hopeless back in October, but as ugly as it was, it was BIG, and with the house squished way up in the corner of the lot, that meant a ton of room for the dogs.

Look at the windowless side of the house.  

AFTER:  A new lawn with irrigation system, 104 cedar hedges, two big garden beds, three raised veggie beds, a new cedar fence, and an interlocking paver patio have made this just an excellent place to hang when the sun is out.

Doesn't the house look better with the doors and windows?

So far, the dogs haven't ruined the garden.  The key is not to plant anything in the flight path.

Lou says thanks for following our renovation.  We are all very glad that all the dust and noise are gone.  Given the horror stories I've heard about renovations, I have to say mine was painless.  I love the results, and I can't wait for the next one.  Wait ... next one?  Nah, I think I'll live with things just as they are for a while.  Except the master bath.  How hard can it be to change the tub?  And add a walk-in shower?  And double vanity?  Just a little renovation, probably won't take more than a month ....

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