Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We're moved in!

The dogs and I moved in last week. I have to say ... we LOVE having a house! The dogs actually spend time in the yard by themselves - almost like real dogs! Though it hasn't stopped raining since we moved in, I love the convenience of kicking the dogs out to their own safe, fenced yard, rather than hitching them up and taking them to the park at night. Bear and I have been doing the nightly walk for almost 11 years. I think we're both glad that it's come to an end!

The cedars are going in this weekend, I think. The juniper will be evicted too, and the bamboo forest taken away (only to return in a few weeks, no doubt). The deck is being designed, and the interior is being scrutinized. I think that pretty much the whole house will be changed in some way. Most exciting will be opening up the side of the house that faces the yard, using french doors and lots of windows. That will bring in a lot of light ...if it ever stops raining.

Still waiting for someone - anyone - on the block to put up some Christmas lights. Come on, people! It's almost December! I don't want to seem pushy, being new to the neighbourhood and all, but srsly ... I gotz an inflatable polar bear that has been waiting to be deployed for a month and a half!

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