Monday, November 2, 2009

Clean(er) carpets!

They are still 16 years old. They are still a strange menopause-pink-meets-fiberglass kind of colour. But dang it, they no longer appear to be hosting some sort of grunge festival in their fibers!



And the guy who did it was very fast, very nice, and very fastidious. Citrus-O Carpet Care was who I used. They had good reviews and a good BBB rating - at least the franchise in Surrey, BC, did. $196 to clean three bedrooms, a hallway and the stairs. I think it was a fantastic deal! Now I will not feel the urge to don a haz-mat suit when I have to contact the carpet. BTW, the carpet will be gone soon. I just couldn't leave it like that and let all my pretty stuff sit on it, even for a short period of time. :-)

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