Saturday, November 28, 2009

Landscaping - Part 1

First, let us just say one last adieu to my perfect Kits condo ... buh-bye chandeliers! I'll miss you guys most of all!

This week, the cedars were planted. All 105 of them. The wall looks a LOT better now. The yard looks ... well, judge for yourself.

Take a 10,000lb Bobcat:

Cut a swath along the wall and then make a nice pile:


On the plus side, the bamboo is gone!

On the minus side, the yard now looks like this (and this, by the way, is how it will look until the spring when the sod is laid):

The cedars look so nice against the wall. They look like a really long line of Rockettes:

Seriously, Wick? With all the loose dirt, you want to excavate the cedars???

I told the collies that we might have to limit fetch games on rainy days:

Wick did not take the news well.

Bear was more philosophical.

Lou said whatevs, so long as you don't take his leopard-print bed.

The next phase of the landscaping is building a deck. This may happen in the winter, or it might get tabled til spring. Still haven't made up my mind on that one.

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