Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another very productive day

Well, I finally got to do something in which I have demonstrated proficiency: shopping! Specifically, appliance shopping. Even more specifically, sleek, stainless, gorgeous, make-you-drool appliance shopping.

Accompanied by deal guy extraordinaire, Chad, it was off to Midland Appliances in Richmond. After drooling over Viking, Sub-Zero, Wolf, et. al., we decided on appliances that would not exceed the appraised value of the house.

To whit, I present to you ... the appliances.

First off, the duel-fuel range, a GE Cafe 4 burner with a griddle in the centre, and a lower baking oven.

The fridge is also a GE Cafe. French doors, bottom-mount freezer, lots of bells and whistles.

The dishwasher is a Fisher&Paykel double dishwasher tall tub. Can you marry an appliance? Cause if you can, I might marry this dishwasher.

I also ordered a Broan hood fan that should be powerful enough for even my grilling, which can tend towards, um, smoky. What else? A shiny microwave and a garburator that can hide any evidence of aforementioned smoky grilling refuse.

So that concludes appliance porn.

Back to the yard!

The patio pavers are looking very nice.

Lou thinks that he would like a job in the landscaping industry.

Wick prefers excavation.

She is quite keen on Hank.

Oh look, it's Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Lou and Rex.

Unlike Hank, Stumpy is not staying. Although it *is* kind of a cool old stumpy thing.

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