Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quick update

The stairs are done. I really like them - in fact, I really am loving my patio.

There will be a couple of flower beds surrounding the patio. Hank the Rock was joined by a new friend: Mr. Inukshuk. I want to buy a podium from the 2010 Olympics (so I literally can own the podium) but I think they will be pretty spendy. So as a consolation, my awesome landscapers made me the inukshuk from leftover cedar post bits. :-)

At the far end of the yard, where the bamboo used to be, I now have three small garden planter things. I am going to plant veggies, though I do not actually eat veg. But I didn't know what else to do with this odd little space so I opted for these planter box things.

It's been kinda rainy lately.

This week, the turf will go in. NO MORE SAND - yay!! On the inside, the demolition will begin in earnest. The interior walls between the kitchen and dining room, and between the dining room and living room will be removed, as will the floors (including the super-slippery tile.). The front door should be replaced in the next week or so, which should change dramatically the look of my weird little house. After that - new dark floors, cabinets, appliances, to-die-for countertops ... so excited!

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