Sunday, September 4, 2011

The 2011 Reveal Part 2 - Laundry Room

The room that delights me the most is my new laundry room.  Previously, it was a store-all room, wedged between the guest bathroom and the bedroom that is now my office.

With a little bit of plumbing and electrical, it is now home to my new laundry pair.  Meet the girls!

I never thought I would enjoy doing laundry as much as I do now.  Having the laundry room on the floor with the bedrooms is dreamy.  I actively search for things to wash.

A second purpose for this room is to store the Craft Corner of Shame.  These are the supplies collected over the years, the remnants from a long series of failed arts and crafts projects.

Here it is, looking neat and tidy.

And here is The Craft Corner of Shame in all its glory!

There's even enough room for a little table and my old-school sewing machine.

In the interest of recycling, I managed to find a home for a light fixture that was displaced from downstairs.  

And again, I've allowed a bit of colour into my house.  This one is a brighter acid green than the bathroom, and it's a very cheery place to do laundry.  The flooring is the same large tile that looks like hardwood.  A new wooden shutter and a fun light fixture and voila! It's a very happy place to do laundry.

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