Sunday, September 4, 2011

The 2011 Reveal Part 4 - Master Bedroom

And here we are, the penultimate reveal.  The impetus for this year's renovation was a desire for a bigger bathroom.  In order for this to happen, I needed to annex some space from the bedroom.  Let us revisit what the bedroom looked like when I moved in.

Let the demo begin!!!  And you know, while we have this wall down, we might as well ...

Despite losing about 5' of depth, the bedroom is still plenty large.  A de-flocked ceiling and crown moulding make it look all grown-up.  And I love my mini-chandelier.  I'm all about the lighting, yo.

The puny walk-in closet was expropriated for the bathroom.  Not to worry, nothing some built-ins can't address!

The window is covered in a lovely Silhouette blind.  Aside from being really pretty, it's on remote control!  Yes, whilst lying in the comfort of my own bed, I can wile away the hours making the blinds go up and down. Until the dogs get impatient and start jumping on me.  Maybe they're jealous 'cause I won't let them play with the blinds?

I have a section just for denim ... and look how much more room there is!  I need more denim - stat!  To the outlet malls ... and beyond!

Ah, shoe heaven.

Some shoes are just a little prettier than the others.

Little dresses live here.

Tons of room for bags.

Now this is quite clever.  Looks like a regular two-level closet.

But the top rack pulls down!  This is excellent for not-so-tall people.

There's tons of room in the built-ins, so I see some serious shopping in my future.  Not that I enjoy shopping, you know, but I am obligated to fill this rather massive closet.  It looks funny so bare.  :-)

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