Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Before shots - Yard

I think I've mentioned a few times ;-) that I bought a yard with a house. In case I am overstating things (no, I can't put a few sheep out there), here's some info on my "acreage":
  • Lot is 11,894 sq.ft.
  • Lot is pie-shaped, tapering to a mere 10' at the northernmost end
  • House is squooshed way at the top of the property, taking up very little valuable Chuck-it space
  • Yard has not a lot of grass right now
  • Wick will dig enormous holes in whatever sod I lay down.
Still, I'm very pleased to have found a place with even this yard-to-house ratio on this side of the bridge.

View from beside the deck:

Looking at the sad little deck:

See that weird bulge on the side of the house? I hope to put french doors there instead, and have a deck that wraps around from the back to the front.

The bamboo forest. I am NOT encouraged by the results of my Google search "getting rid of bamboo". Sounds like it could be a battle to the death!

There are some rocks that need to go too.

But on a nice crisp Fall day, I think it's quite a lovely place to be.

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