Sunday, October 18, 2009

And so it begins

I bought a house. That's not completely true. I bought a yard (for my dogs) with a house attached to it. Built in 1993, the house is typical of its era - siding, windows with odd little frames, and smallish rooms with even smaller closets.

It's about 900 sq. ft. on the main floor, and another 800 sq.ft. on the top. No basement, just a crawl space (perhaps a new home for The Craft Corner of Shame?!?). Hmm, what else? Currently the washer/dryer combo resides in the garage, the kitchen appliances are older than old, and the carpet ... I can't discuss the carpet. Srsly. It's not good.

But the house sits on a lot that is almost 12,000 sq.ft. with southern exposure. The neighbourhood is cute, tidy, and very well-kept. True to Sarah Richardson's advice, I believe that I bought "the worst house in the best neighbourhood". Now if only I could hire Sarah to turn my house into one of her perfect little gems. But then, what fun would that be, just cutting cheques and having little to no input on the final product? Wait a minute, that's how I train my dogs ... but I digress.

So here is the diamond in the rough. I will take possession tomorrow, and over the next few weeks, I plan on just listening to the house. Hopefully, she will tell me what she wants to be when she grows up.

I mentioned I bought it for the yard, right? Well, even the yard will need work. Levelling, for sure, and new sod (for Wick to dig up). A new fence, and some bushy cedars against the cement wall couldn't hurt either.

And that bulgy thing on the side of the house - I'd like to put french doors there and wrap the deck from the side of the house around to the front.

And as for the front, well, that juniper under the window will have to go. Not only is it unattractive, but it is so obtrusive that you can't open the window. Bu-bye juniper!

I'd like to make a little circular garden thing on the front lawn, and maybe create a garden bed alongside the fence. I love those little Japanese maples that are low and all spread-y. Maybe that could go on the front lawn.

So there it is - my first reno. Gulp.

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