Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Before shots - Upstairs

At the top of the stairs. I don't think this photo does justice to the true hideous-ness of the light fixture.

And here it is ... the orange room.

In order to prevent me from running screaming from this purchase, I slapped a quick coat of BM Bleeker Beige on the walls. Serenity now ...

The hallway. Ceiling fan, your days are numbered.

The view from the laundry room. That red roof belongs to the fellow who put a 6' tall cement wall around the 20 ACRE PERIMETER of his property. The plus side? One less side to fence for me!

Orange Room has a friend. This is Red Room. Red Room doesn't bug me quite enough to make me do manual labour, but be assured, that red ain't staying.

And here is the master. While huge, it is very boring.

It does have a nice large westward facing window.

And a lot of doors.

Here's the tiny ensuite. My plan is to annex the useless walk-in closet and make a truly nice ensuite, with a shower stall, soaker tub, and double vanity sinks. Or something like that.

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